AppAnywhere with WEB Plugin

Automatically web-enable your Windows applications

Appanywhere WEB is a valuable option you “Must Have”. Java-based, it enables you to start remote sessions or RemoteApp with any browser (IE, Netscape, Chrome,  Firefox, Safari…). Enjoy the easiest remote access from any place where you have an Internet connection and a standard browser. Simple to use, Appanywhere WEB is a great option to buy now. What's more, only one single port is required to be opened for the web session and Appanywhere WEB recognizes automatically the access details from the user broswer (HTTP or HTTPS). Many features like web print, inside/outside broswer, seamless application from the web are included. Appanywhere WEB is an outstanding technology to web-enable existing legacy Windows applications.

Features & Benefits

Using the Appanywhere WEB option, administrators can publish standard Windows-based applications via a Web page. This is especially useful for frequently updated, hard-to-distribute applications; applications that are iused by a large number of users; or for cases in which large amounts of data must be manipulated over low-bandwidth connections. Appanywhere WEB provides the following benefits:

  • Users do not have to manually download and install the client.
  • Administrators can send a URL to users, rather than the entire application.
  • Administrators can quickly change a Web page to point users to a new or updated application on the same or different server.
  • Users or administrators can roam to a different desktop and quickly access an application or desktop by simply knowing a URL.
  • If  any application is ever updated, users will automatically pick up the new version when they navigate to the Web page.
  • Support both HTTP and HTTPS
  • Support a Java based Universal Printing functionality


Appanywhere WEB  provides significant benefits to the following groups:

  • Users who need to access WTS server hosted applications from ‘unmanaged’ devices.
  • Administrators seeking simple ways to distribute Windows  based Windows applications.
  • Systems Administrators who manage Windows servers using the a Web Access feature.


Appanywhere WEB is the best solution to be used where employees must be continuously provided at different locations access to your applications, regardless of whether a dedicated PC / Laptop is present or not (Internet Cafe or similar situations)

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